Monday, January 3, 2011

Orange Bowl post-game thoughts

It's Harbaugh or bust now.

What more could Jimmy Ballgame have done to embolden himself as the go-to candidate for Michigan? Balanced offensive attack? Check. Destroyed a mobile quarterback and forced him out of his game? Check. Successfully dodged annoying reporter and subsequently awkward post-game questions a la Lloyd Carr? Check.

In all seriousness, if you're a Michigan fan who is in favor of keeping Rich Rodriguez (I am currently on the fence), you're at least questioning yourself after watching this dominating performance. Virginia Tech is no slouch, especially offensively and the Cardinal defense put an absolute beatdown on Tyrod Taylor and Co. It's now become less a question of whether or not you think Rodriguez can succeed as it is one of taking advantage of the perfect storm to get Harbaugh. Not only will you win with him, but you'll reunite the fan base and restore a sense of normalcy to Ann Arbor. I say this knowing that Rodriguez has been treated unfairly by the local media and fans alike. The problem is that it's probably too late for it to change. The kabillion dollar question is whether or not Harbaugh feels the same. Apparently, Mike Tirico's gut says NFL, but conjecture with ESPN and the MSM has been inconsistent as usual. I want to believe that the chance to become the hero who leads Michigan football back to the top will be too much to turn down, but nobody can deny the allure and possibilities of the NFL.

The ball is in your court, Jim.


  1. Too bad. Dug up0 the link from last night in case there was. Good times.


  2. Sorry, meant to post on the "no liveblog" thread.

  3. It's alright, Mike. I'll be putting one up for the national championship game for sure. Wish I could have put one together tonight but other stuff came up. Glad you enjoyed the first one.